How We Make Applying & Securing Your Australian Work Visa Easy

With over 10 years experience helping our clients with their working visa needs - we can help you!

If you are in Australia on a working visa, tourist visa, bridging visa or student visa and you are looking for ways to stay in Australia, applying for a work visa may be the first step to obtaining Permanent Residence. There a number of different work visas that you can apply for and not all of them require you to find a sponsor. Our team of Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers can explain to you all your work visa options in a simplified manner and advise you on the best options to live and work in Australia.

The Work Visa Process

Putting together a work visa application can be a complex and lengthy process. We highly recommend that you do not risk providing incorrect information to the Department of Immigration. Our Experienced Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents will explain the procedures step by step, providing you with a list of the necessary documents and information, liaising with the Department of Immigration and lodging the application on your behalf.

We will do all the necessary work to ensure that your corporate sponsorship, nomination and visa application is accurate and lodged in a timely manner with the Department of Immigration.

Specifically, the team at Andronicos Migration Lawyers will advise, prepare and lodge sponsorship and visa applications in relation to occupations in many fields including but not limited to computers, graphic design, IT, human resources, business, the medical profession, nursing, engineering, building, teaching, all types of trades, occupations in the food and beverage industry, accounting, film and media, and other occupations.

There have been too many cases where clients have come to us at the last minute, especially when they have an upcoming deadline. If your employer has stopped trading, or if you decide that you do not want to continue working for your current employer, you only have a limited number of options available to remain in Australia. We highly recommend that you speak to one of our experienced Migration Lawyers as soon as you stop being employed so that you can be advised on the next steps. It is crucial that you obtain professional advice in order to ensure that you are still eligible to apply for Permanent Residence.

We Keep You Informed

Immigration law in Australia is constantly changing which can make it even more confusing to follow. All our Migration Agents are practicing Lawyers which means that we are also trained to apply the migration laws and regulations in a way that will assist your case. We will send you updates and warn you of the proposed changes as soon as they are published by the Department of Immigration.