The temporary work skilled 457 visa allows you to travel to Australia and work for up to 4 years. There are three stages for every subclass 457 visa application. The three stages of a subclass 457 visa application, these are listed below.

1. Standard Business Sponsorship

A business must be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) in order to sponsor overseas workers on a subclass 457 application. Neither the visa application nor the nomination application can be lodged before the sponsorship application. An application for SBS will need to satisfy training benchmarks set out by the Department of Immigration Border Protection. Once an approved Sponsor, the company needs to comply with all the rules and regulation set out in the Migration Act. Our experienced Solicitors and registered migration Agents will assist your company to comply with all the rules and regulations set out in the Migration Act.

Our Experienced Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents will assist your company to obtain a standard or Overseas Business Sponsorship by facilitating your application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We will be able to advise and assist with the training benchmarks and the company’s obligations as a sponsor.

2. Nomination

A business must nominate a position to be filled within the company before an overseas employee can apply for subclass 457 visa. A Subclass 457 visa cannot be approved without a valid nomination. The business must provide evidence that the salary of the position will be paid at market rates not less than the legislated amount stipulated by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The company must provide details about why the position needs to be filled by an expatriate employee and at the same time must prove that the expatriate employee is skilled enough for the nominated position.

Our Experienced Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents will be able to facilitate this process by providing advice and assistance in relation to the Nomination application meeting the ‘Temporary Skilled Migrant Income Threshold’ (TSMIT) and the ‘Market Salary Rate’, the ‘Market Testing Requirements’ and ensure that the nominated individuals is adequately skilled for the proposed position.

3. Visa application

The nominated employee lodges a subclass 457 visa application with qualifications and experience which matches the lodged position nomination. Further, applicants are now required to show that they satisfy the English language requirement in order to be granted a visa.

It should be noted that legislative amendments introduced in 2009 and 2013 have overhauled the subclass 457 visa. Furthermore, the salary threshold is constantly changing. Our Experienced Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents have been trained to keep up to date with the relevant legislation changes and have been successfully lodging 457 visa applications for many years. Contact Andronicos Migration Lawyers on 9291 9291 to discuss the visa requirements and to find out whether you are eligible for a 457 visa.