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One of the most popular pathways to becoming a permanent resident in Australia is obtaining a Student Visa after for a Skilled 457 (Work) Visa which you can apply for once you complete your study. Other popular options include applying directly for permanent residency by meeting the Skilled Points Test, or applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485.

There are many reasons why the Temporary Skilled (Work) Visa, Subclass 457 is one of the best and most popular visas in Australia. The most important reason is that it is the easiest pathway to becoming a permanent resident. This is because this visa is relatively easy to obtain and there are many businesses in Australia who are willing to sponsor overseas national due to the skills shortage.

457 Working Visas

The Visa consists of three parts; the Sponsorship application (for the company), the Nomination application (for the position being nominated) and the Visa application (for the visa applicant). Like all other visas to Australia, there are positives and negatives aspects associated with obtaining this visa. This visa permits the applicant to apply for permanent residency after two years. This can be expedited if the visa applicant can obtain their skills assessment from the appropriate Skills Assessment Authority.

Temporary Skilled Work Visa For Australia

The temporary skilled (work) visa subclass 457 is also popular with people who are self employed as this visa will enable the business you have set up in Australia to employ you to become a permanent resident.

However, this visa is limited by the list of skilled occupations particular to this visa. Only the highly skilled and highly sough after positions in Australia are on the list. Other things to watch out for are the new rules that have been introduced recently by the Government. The new changes introduced include Labour market testing for companies hiring new employees and the requirement for the visa applicants to have a particular English language IELTS test score in each band.